Top 10 Things to Do in Indian Land, SC

Top 10 Things to Do in Indian Land, SC

Best Things to Do in Fort Mill and Indian Land, SC

Indian Land is an unincorporated community where you can experience a taste of both worlds between commercial locations and natural adventure parks. Located in the northernmost portion of Lancaster County, South Carolina, it offers tourists and residents a peaceful country life and tons of things to do in Indian Land and Fort Mill, SC.

As a reliable chiropractor in Indian Land and Fort Mill and a part of these friendly communities, Carolina Chiropractic & Wellness is committed to improving our clients’ lives in every way possible. Hence, we created this short guide to share the charm along with a few refreshing outdoor activities you can try in town with your family. 

Best Things to Do in Indian Land and Fort Mill, SC

Visit That’s Art Wine and Paint Studio With Your Kids

That's Art Wine and Paint Studio in Indian Land, SC

Have you or your kids been holding back a stream of creative art? If so, you should visit That’s Art Wine and Paint Studio with your kids to let all that creativity stream out, learn more about painting, and have fun. Established in 2019, this painting studio combines a wide selection of beer and wine bars with art instructions to satisfy your inner artist and your kids’ inner artist. This local art studio and wine bar is geared towards people of all artistry skill levels and is fun for people of all ages.

Play Mini Golf at the High Seas Miniature Golf Course

The High Seas Miniature Golf Course in Indian Land, SC

Are you looking for a fun thing to do in the middle of the day with your family? The High Seas Miniature Golf Course is a place you can visit with your family to enjoy some putt together with your favorite drink. Located conveniently in Indian Land, SC, this pirate, and nautical-themed miniature golf course will surely provide you with entertainment and fun. You’ll even learn about legendary pirates and their adventures.

Watch a Variety of Shows and Movies at Redstone 14

Redstone 14 in Indian Land, SC

This state-of-the-art movie theater provides fantastic entertainment with reasonably priced tickets, food, and drinks for the whole family. Check out their shows and movie times and experience the fun and thrill of watching the latest movie releases and big-screen hits in a cinema with your family.

Explore Fun Activities at Walnut Creek Park

Walnut Creek Park in Indian Land, SC

Looking to explore great outdoor activities in Indian Land and Fort Mill, SC with your family? Walnut Creek Park, the largest park in Indian Land, is a perfect spot for picnicking, biking, and quiet evening strolls. The park also boasts a fitness center, a pool with beach entry and a splash zone, soccer fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, and more. It encourages people of all ages to enjoy recreational activities, burn off calories, and get in shape.

Visit the Lore Brewing Company

Lore Brewing Company in Indian Land, SC

Stop by Lore Brewing Company to reward yourself with great beers, awesome food, and tons of fun after a day of touring around the Indian Land community. Located on the North Carolina and South Carolina border, the Lore Brewing Company is a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a delicious meal with fresh craft beer to complete your dining experience.

Enjoy Delectable Meals Hopping Around Indian Land’s Best Restaurants

Best restaurants in Indian Land and Fort Mill

Indian Land and Fort Mill, SC are home to amazing restaurants that offer the best culinary experiences. If you’re up for some adventure, you can indulge your appetite with the town’s popular restaurants like Portofino’s Italian Restaurant, Viva Chicken RedStone, and The Office Craft Bar and Kitchen to enjoy delectable meals with your family.

Play Unlimited Golf at the Springfield Golf Club

Springfield Golf Club in Fort Mill, SC

Looking for a great place to play unlimited golf with your friends or family? The Springfield Golf Club has a testing tract of holes and a landscape that will challenge the golfing ability of every golf lover. This facility offers players spectacular views and features 13 holes that play along and across perennial streams, a 6,906-yards course, and an oversized putting green to accommodate the longest hitter.

Enjoy Some Outdoor Time at the Walter Y. Elisha Park

The Walter Y. Elisha Park in Fort Mill, SC

Located near downtown Fort Mill, Walter Y. Elisha Park is another exciting place to visit and enjoy outdoor activities or fun time with your kids. This 12-acres park has several amenities like walking trails, a creatively arranged playground that keeps kids of all ages busy, and plenty of green space. It’s also home to South Carolina’s annual strawberry festival. That makes it a perfect spot for residents and visitors to enjoy recreational activities or a day in the sun.

Visit the Fort Mill History Museum

Fort Mill History Museum in Fort Mill, SC

The Fort Mill History Museum is another family-friendly venue where you and your kids can learn about the long and rich history of Fort Mill and Indian Land, SC. This historical center collects, preserves, and displays artifacts, documents, film footage, photographs, and related historical treasures that contributed to the town’s development and outlying locales.

Spend the Evening at the Fort Mill Community Playhouse

Fort Mill Community Playhouse in Fort Mill, SC

The Fort Mill Community Playhouse is another family-friendly venue where you and your family can watch live theatrical performances and enjoy reasonably priced snacks and drinks. The facility focuses on performing arts and offers quality entertainment and seasonal shows to Fort Mill residents and surrounding areas.

Indian Land and Fort Mill are the gems of Lancaster County in South Carolina, offering tourists and residents a laid-back environment with fun and vibrant commercial scenery. We are excited to see you and your family around town.

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